Koios Air Purifier, Koios 5 in 1 Air Cleaner with Smart Filter Reminder, 6 Speeds Adjustment, Child Lock, Timer and Air Quality Monitor for Home Air Filtration, Powerful for Large Room


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  • 【3 STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM】: Pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter are used together to capture 99% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, including PM 2.5, dust, pet hair, pet dander, bacteria, pollens and odors; delivers clean, fresh air and reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma, hay fever;
  • 【SUITABLE FOR LARGE ROOM】: Covers an area up to 45 m² and delivers highest clean-air performance for your large living space, like your living room; Clean Air Delivery Rate Rated 340 m³/H;
  • 【MONITORS & PURIFIES AIR AUTOMATICALLY】: In Auto Mode, the purifier automatically monitors indoor air quality and changes fan speed accordingly; the purifier has an air quality indicator light displays 3 different colors (green, blue, red) to show the current level of air quality;
  • 【BREATHE EASIER, SLEEP BETTER, LIFE BETTER】: Choose Sleep Mode and let it help improve overall health of your family unnoticed while you’re asleep; in this mode, the air purity indicator light turns off and fan runs at a low speed with low noise so that you would not be distracted by the noise and light;
  • 【EASY TO OPERATE & 3 YEARS WARRANTY & CE APPROVED】: It has 4 timer (1/2/4/8 hours timer), 3 fan speeds level, 3 modes (Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, Auto Mode) and Child Lock; also has a filter replace indicator to remind you when the active carbon filter needs to be changed; Built in Handle for easy moving around to any room. and clean air!

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KOIOS True HEPA Air Purifier is Ideal for Your Family. Making Your Living Space More Breathable, Enjoyable and Healthier.

It uses a three stage filter that includes True HEPA, Pre-Filter, and Activated Carbon filters to remove 99.97% of dust, allergens, bacteria and odors. With a CADR:120 CFM, covers up to an average to large living room of 322 sq.ft (30 m²), making it perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or even offices. This air purifier is ideal for relieving seasonal allergies, people sensitive to air quality, or those who want to improve the air quality in their households. Perfect air purifier for pet owners, children, elderly, or for anyone wanting to improve air quality.

Product Features:

  • Easy Operation: Touch switch control ,easy to operate.
  • 3 in-1 Filter: Combines the power of a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter into one.
  • 3-Speed Fan: Offers adjustable low, medium, and high settings to better accommodate the needs of the room.
  • Real Time Air Quality Monitor: Auto mode can tell you the indoor air quality in every moment also adjust the speed immediately. Lead indoor air quality to the healthiest.
  • Automatic Timer: Shuts off the unit after1, 2, 4 or 8 hours of continuous operation.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: So quiet, you won’t even know it’s in the room.
  • Filter replacement reminder: Lets you know when it’s time to change the filter.
  • Child-lock function: Long press on Child lock button, the air purifier won’t be action when you press any key.

32 reviews for Koios Air Purifier, Koios 5 in 1 Air Cleaner with Smart Filter Reminder, 6 Speeds Adjustment, Child Lock, Timer and Air Quality Monitor for Home Air Filtration, Powerful for Large Room

  1. phoebe

    Amazing humidifier, very quiet
    Before I purchase this purifier I was make a lot of research, finally I decided to buy this one, when I received it , so surprised me, every easy to set it up, the direction for the operation of the purifier were easy to follow. The design is very modern. The option is very easy to use, and kids also can control it, My home is not well ventilated, make me headache when I cooking and in the hot weather, but after I use this purifier, the air will be purified in 15 minutes, that is so amazing, we love the fry food, you will know the poor quality of the air through this machine, It help us a lot, I used this purifier for months, highly recommend.

  2. charlino

    Very nice product. Love its portability and effectiveness Quiet
    Very nice product. Love its portability and effectiveness Quiet, 3 speed, timer, and ‘sleep’ mode that operates in a lights down super quiet mode..

  3. J

    Great machine
    Received this air purifier as a gift from a friend. The shower head in the guest bathroom leaked water and we felt there was probably mold growing in the room. We used this machine to refresh the air. It works great so far.

  4. Joshua McCluskey

    Great price for the performance!
    I like how quiet it is on Auto mode which is what I’ve mostly kept it on since we bought it. I also like the sleep mode for night time use as it turns the lights off on the machine.

  5. lovewind1437

    This air purifier really works well. my home range …
    This air purifier really works well. my home range hood power is not that strong. Every time after cook the smell stay long time. But this air purifier quickly eliminates the smell of cooking.

  6. Chaoticmuse

    So far so good
    This was purchased as part of a multi-pronged attack on some bad dust allergies that have been worse this year than ever for some reason. It does seem to be helping as I haven’t had to take any allergy meds since I have had this running 24/7 on speed 2. It is running in the main area of a 900 sq ft apartment. Pictured is the filter after one week, which I plan on vacuuming weekly or fortnightly. Low speed is so quiet you’re not sure it’s on (it is), medium is still very quiet, high is noisy. I am very happy so far and it seems to be doing the job even though it is in a larger area than it says it covers. My logic is that it only needs to do “enough’. If it works, it works, and so long as it helps to the extent that I no longer want to gouge my eyes with a fork, I consider it a win and worth every penny.

  7. Ting Chen

    Really good purifier
    I brought this air purifier because my house gets very smelly in the winter and the purifier works really great. It makes my house smell more clean. It’s also really quiet if you want to use it at night since there’s sleep mode. Also a child lock mode if you have a child at home

  8. John

    I love this air purifier
    I love this air purifier, it looks nice. I put in my beedroom. It has helped me breathe better at night,and sleep better.

  9. Faye

    Go for Better air quality
    Just got this air purifier on time for my holiday meals! Cook steak yesterday, the whole apartment was cover with smoke and steak flavor. It went off soon after i turn on the machine. I was excited to see the change of color on the machine. It was green at first and then when it senses the smoky steak, it turns to red! I had it on highest speed. It was not loud. The lower fan doesnt make much sound. Totally love it! A Must have air purifier machine. It is white and very modern!

  10. Damian

    and my weird allergy has become so much better, less sneezing and runny nose
    got this for my living room, for some reason my nose becomes extremely uncomfortable when i enters my living room and kitchen, i am allergic to dust and pollen, and will be getting a nostril surgery in a month. so i needed some that’ll keeps the air clean for now. i have had it on for a few weeks now, and my weird allergy has become so much better, less sneezing and runny nose. thanks

  11. Lawrence

    Very quiet air purifier
    This air purifier is extremely quiet, beyond my expectations. It also has child lock button, very helpful for a family with curious toddler. However, I don’t have a detection at home, so I don’t know how much better the air is. In spring, my nose can tell the difference

  12. S. T.

    Definitely recommended to my friend.
    One of the top-rated purifier. My brother had pretty serious allergy around Nov – Dec in the last couple years, which make him sicked during winter and spread the germs to my family all the time. So I bought this purifier before Thanksgiving for my family. I wasn’t home until Christmas Eve, so when I arrived home last weekend I noticed the fresher smell (own a cat and a dog, so you know that smell). My family was very pleased with how it helps with my brother’s allergy. I played around with the setting during the weekend and I was surprised how quiet this purifier is, you can barely hear anything from it and I had to check if it was running at all :) Great quality, the only Con is it is too big for a traveller like me… So I will probably try a smaller portable purifier from Koios! Awesome job!

  13. vwz

    I am happy this is product
    We received this as a gift and installed it in kitchen. It worked really well removing the odor from cooking. The air is a lot fresher and I did not notice the noise with all the activities at kitchen. I am happy with this is product.

  14. Celine

    Got this for our house as we have old floor …
    Got this for our house as we have old floor boards and therefore a lot of dust. This keeps the dust at bay and I have also notices my husbands hay fever has reduced significantly.

  15. Calvin

    … rains in Utah so the air quality could be bad a lot of times
    Since we don’t have much rains in Utah so the air quality could be bad a lot of times. We only had one time snow so far this year. Bought this one as a Xmas gift for my wife and she loves it. Works great and easy to use.

  16. mei chai chen

    I get this air purifier for my parents. They …
    I get this air purifier for my parents. They live in nyc in a apartment. This purifier cover average up to 387ft, enough for their space need. Very quite operation can be use for 24/7. With 6 speed adjustments, night time can be turn to sleep mode didn’t bother at all. With three stage filtration, HEAP and preliminary filter n activated carbon filter they all can be replace. N light in front can tell the air quality.

  17. Paris

    Does a great job filtering the air
    I’m impressed with this air cleaner. I used it in my bedroom, it is quiet and efficient. Air smells noticeably cleaner and fresher now. I’ll move it to basement later to filtering the air.

  18. Feng

    This is an absolutely good lightweight quality air purifier
    This is an absolutely good lightweight quality air purifier. I have terrible with the allergies,it has really helped me to get better for sinuses.Doing a great job of cleaning the air,at night I use the sleep mode and it runs very quiet, has collected so much dust from the air, It was easy to install the filter and runs quiet and smooth.

  19. Karen Gallardo

    An amazing product for people with allergies!
    This is an amazing product! My older son has been suffering dust allergy a long time, we have spent a lot of money in medications, so since we started using this product, he is so much better and we can note It in the way he breaths!

  20. TXY

    This air purifier was very easy to assemble straight out of the box
    I had this Koios Air Purifier for couple of weeks and I have it on 24/7 since the day I received it. This Air Purifier is aesthetically pleasing and definitely would blend right in in most households no matter the location. I was quite impressed with the technology. This air purifier was very easy to assemble straight out of the box. It took five minutes the most. The directions for the operation of the purifier were easy to follow. I had it up and running very quickly. The overall look of the air purifier is very sleek and modern. I liked all the options available on the unit. The filtration can help to remove airborne particles including pollen, ragweed and other allergens such as viruses, germs, dust mites, mold spores and cigarette smoke. It can also help eliminate odors from pets, smoking and cooking. This is definitely a plus if you have pets, like to =cook or fry food a lot. The machine itself can monitor the air if you have it on Auto mode, the air quality indicator light will change to green (best air quality), orange (good air quality) and red (bad air quality). I had noticed one day when I fry chicken nuggets and the purifier automatically detected the lowered quality of air and it progressively filtered the air itself. This unit is pretty quiet during operation and this motor operates with six different speeds. The sleeping mode was set as the lowest setting to produce fresh air as you sleep without disturbance. The operational buttons are easy to use and understand.

  21. yuni

    Easy set up
    I have a dog at home,so I buy this Air Purifier.Easy set up, great size. It is very quiet, powerful and easy to use. It is already helping my allergies so much. I especially loves quiet operation function. It has 6 speed,During sleeping time, no one will gets bothered for the noise. Has collected so much dust from the air. I was a little surprised It does a great job at keeping the dust, allergens and spells out of the air. Exactly as described.The item itself is very nice looking.This is by far the best air filter I’ve ever used. Highly recommend.

  22. Amazon Customer

    This is great product. My son has allergies he sneezes all …
    This is great product. My son has allergies he sneezes all the time. Special at the morning when he just wake up. I got this air purifier only a few days. I can really tell a difference.

  23. Meihui shi

    I think this is a great product.
    Bought this to get the dust out of the air in my house.winter weather caused a lot of static buildup in my house and every glossy in the house was attracting a ton of dust.I’m sleeping through the night without coughing and getting congested.I think this is a great product .

  24. Xing Lin

    great product to remove smell
    This air purifier has a sleek design, fits perfectly on the corner of the house. There are three fan speeds and sleep mode. During the day, you just need to set it to automatic adjustment, it will get the job done. It operates with low volume, so it won’t disturb anyone in the house. Overall it is a great product to remove the smell and keep air fresh inside your house, I recommend this to people who smoke and cook a lot inside the house.

  25. Jay Y

    I recommend this for all smokers
    I recommend this for all smokers, people with pets, and people who have allergies. This air filtration system is whisper quiet so it won’t disturb anyone. The product is also faster at filtering the air than other air filters because it has two sided ventilation. It has a genuine high efficiency particulate air filter. It is very effective at relieving nasal congestion.

  26. Coco L

    Love it.
    This is my first air purifier purchase.It’s quiet and makes a bid difference in the quality of the air in my room. Love it .

  27. Jimmy

    real nice product and good for my family’s
    Seems to work well thus far. Not too loud and looks ok in the bedroom,The air is so clean and fresh and my allergies are diminishing daily,I just bought a little one in kid ‘s room ! This one is bigger and powerful enough for my big room!real nice product and good for my family’s health

  28. Michael

    A stylish, very effective air purifier.
    I put this in a corner of the kitchen and I’ve pleasantly surprised at how well it has worked to get rid of the odors and smoke from cooking. It has great airflow, but it is really, really quiet, I don’t even notice that it’s there. Easy to use, and looks great too!.

  29. Howard W

    Elegant purifier
    Replacing my 6 year old purifier. I didn’t hesistate to get a more modern looking purifier that does it’s job. This is when I found this gem. Let’s start with the design: an elegant/modern piece compare to other competitors with a reasonable price. In terms of sound production it’s pretty quiet on normal settings. One of the best feature basically I save it for last is the CHILDPROOF button as kids can get very curious with anything tech or basically anything within reach for them to play that makes sounds as they press random buttons. Overall I’m happy with this product.

  30. Helen

    Its worth it’s very powerful
    Its worth it’s very powerful, the noise in the higher speed its tolerant, i used 4 hours a day a 4 hours at night. It is already helping my allergies so much. The turbo setting is loud, but if you normally have a fan going, for noise, then it is perfect.

  31. Rachel M.L

    I am very satisfied with it’s strong purification function
    While i am buying their Humidifier, amazon recommends the Air purifier to me. After i got this purifier, I cook some deep fry food. The kitchen and the house have very strong odors after this cooking. Only about 10-15 mins after I turn on this machine, the odors are gone,and the air is so fresh. How amazing! I am using it everyday now. I am very satisfied with it’s strong purification function. If you like to cook, but you don;t want the cooking odor stay in your house everywhere for long time. Try this air purifier in your the kitchen while you are doing cooking.

  32. Alice

    It is free of noise and very quiet, perfect for night time without disturbing.
    This air purifier works great for various functions. It has the function of a true FEPA filter. It eliminates air odor, allergen, dust, and pollen for indoor environment. It is a perfect air filtration for pets, smokers, babies, and cooking. It works efficiently and effectively for large rooms. The air purifier has a timer that I can set the time. The timer function allow the air purifier to be on for a selected amount of time , such as 1,2,4 or 8 hours. It also has a child lock, which i don’t have any safety concerns with my children bring around. It keeps my rook free of smell. It is also free of noise and very quiet, perfect for night time without disturbing.

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