KOIOS Powerful 500 Watt Immersion Blender Setting 12-Speed Multi-Purpose 2-in-1 Hand Blender Includes Stick Blender and Egg Whisk, BPA-Free


  • 手持式电动搅拌器 – 功率强大的500瓦手动搅拌器,符合人体工程学设计。
  • 适合制作冰沙,汤,蛋黄酱,蛋白酥皮,酸辣酱,辣调味汁,烘烤用面糊等。
  • 具有脉冲和连续6速设置的变速控制。
  • 洗碗机安全。
  • 2年保修 – 立即免费试用!


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KOIOS Stick Hand Blenders可直接在玻璃杯,碗或平底锅中快速搅拌,混合,混合,切碎和泥。






– 强大的低噪音500瓦电机
– 12速控制
– 坚固的不锈钢刀片
– 易清洁和洗碗机安全
– 电压:110-120V
– 两年保修

– KOIOS 12加速手动搅拌器
– 搅拌附件
– 用户手册

– 为了产品的安全性和持续享受,客户在使用前需要仔细阅读说明书。
– 电气要求伏特:110-120v。
– Whisk装备不是洗碗机安全的。
– 不要持续按“电源”或“涡轮”按钮超过1分钟。


Question: How long is the cord?
Answer: Just measure it from handle to plug. It is 5 ft. 5 in.

Question: Is this cordless?
Answer: No, it is not.

Question: do you have to hold down two buttons down to operate?
Answer: No only one button at a time, you press either I or II depending if you want low power or high power, and you keep pressing down on either one to make it keep spinning, but only one at a time.

Question: Does this come in/with a storage case?
Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: Can you blend continuously for over a minute? Some brands instruct to only use for one minute at a time.
Answer: Yes. Based on my personal experience, you can blend for more than just a minute.

Question: Is this usable with non-stick cookware, i.e. it will not scratch non-stick?
Answer: The attachments are metal, so I
would think they might scratch.
The one with the flat blade, you just set down
and the blade wouldn’t touch the cookware surface, so if you were careful about not moving it to touch the bottom or sides,
it would be fine.
The whisk, although very flexible, might
I love this set! I have a larger, very expensive one, but this one is so
much easier to maneuver, and
the attachments can come
off and go in the dishwasher

Question: Has anyone used this for making soap? How does this tool work for that?
Answer: We’ve made soup, but not soap. Works great for soup!

Question: Does it fit in a standard sized can or mason jar?
Answer: It fits in a standard wide-mouthed jar. It works best in a quart jar to avoid splashing. Hope that helps!

Question: How long is the actual stick portion that’s can be immersed?
Answer: 6″ inch

Question: what is overall length, shaft length, head width?
Answer: Overall length with blender, 15”
with wire whip, 16 3/4”
Shaft length, 8 1/2”

Question: how well does it handle making soap?
Answer: I’ve made several batches so far with it. Both goat’s milk and wine base.


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