KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine, 80Kpa Automatic Food Sealer with Cutter for Food Savers, 10 Sealing Bags (FDA-Certified), With Up To 40 Consecutive Seals, Dry & Moist Modes, Compact Design (Silver)


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  • Save your money: KOIOS vacuum sealing system keeps food fresh up to 7 times Longer and allows you to save up to 2700 per year. You can customize your breakfast pizza using whatever you Didn’t finish The night before.
  • High-temperature resistant: The bottom pad of the heating strip has a mica sheet incorporated in it, which can withstand temperatures of up to 300℉. the sealing function can operate 40 times continuously without any damage to the machine.
  • Built-in cutter easily creates custom-sized bags. Reduced bag waste, to get the most of your vacuum-seal roll.
  • Nortel tested & certified product: This Appliances are ETL certified by Nationally recognized test laboratories (nettles) for compliance with applicable product safety test standards. Safety is our #1 priority.
  • KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Bags ASIN: B075KKWFYN. We have a worldwide customer service within 24 hours. And there will be a replacement sealing sponge, 10 special bags, cutter and a pumping pipe in the original package.

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Koios Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with ‘4S’ function: Food Saving, Space Saving, Time Saving and Money Saving 
Keep your busy kitchen running smoothly .

  • Preserve food and wine with vacuum sealing.
  • Cook food in advance then vacuum seal individual portions or entire meals for later consumption.
  • A Much Needed Assistant for Sous-vide cooking.
  • Maintain the freshness of dry foods such as beans, nuts, and cereals.
  • Package foods such as meat, fish, poultry, seafood and vegetables for refrigerated storage.
  • Prepare foods in advance for picnics, camping trips and barbecues.
  • Wrapping valuables and household items away from dust and damp

Smart Meal Preparation

Save time by simply speeding things up on preparing your breakfast sandwiches. Simply assemble several sandwiches at once, and then seal them in individual bags and freeze them. And just heat one up in the microwave for a speedy and delicious breakfast.

Effectively Increase Food Shelf Life

KOIOS’s Vacuum Sealer sucks the air out and has heat sealer to seal the durable airtight bag that preserves the aroma, freshness, taste and shelf-life of cookies, fish, fruits, meat, vegetables or other food items for later consumption.

Seals ‘Dry’ and ‘Moist’ Food

mply use the ‘Dry’ or ‘Moist’ feature if you’re sealing dry foods or with moisture. And it will reduce the oxygen on the airtight bag or pull any added moisture. Prolong the freshness and shelf life of your food with KOIOS’s Vacuum Sealer.

Sous Vide Companion

Cooking food sous vide ensures your food is evenly cooked without all of the mess and guess work that goes into grilling or pan frying. It kept its original apperance, did not lose excess amounts of fat, and had better texture.

Automatic Operation

KOIOS Automatic vacuum sealing operation, Hands-free and seal indicator lights, offers you a quick, easy and inexpensive way of preserving your food

Strong Suction

Removes all air from package to prevent bacteria and protect food from freezer burns

Stain-Resistant & Easy

To ensure your food is safe from bacteria you must clean it periodically. It is recommended that you clean your vacuum sealer after use because bacteria can build up easily. With proper care, it will provide you a long time of service.

Accessory Hose Port

KOIOS Automatic vacuum sealer VS2233 come with an accessory port feature, and can preserve food with vacuum canister & compatible with wine stoppers

42 reviews for KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine, 80Kpa Automatic Food Sealer with Cutter for Food Savers, 10 Sealing Bags (FDA-Certified), With Up To 40 Consecutive Seals, Dry & Moist Modes, Compact Design (Silver)

  1. Brian B

    Actually really impressed! A lot cheaper than my previous food sealer and just as good if not better. Simple to set up and use. Have only had it a couple of weeks, but so far so good!

  2. Lucas F.C

    I have small fridge in my room. So i can only put small amount of things inside. And decided to get this! Yesterday, right after i got this i spent 2 full hours making all packs. ( i bought additional packaging like 2 rolls) anyway this one really does helped me with organizing my fridge. I think i might use this to pack my lunch as well

  3. hrcroswell

    Meat Packer :)
    This vacuum sealer does as expected seems like a much nicer quality than the vacuum sealer I had in the past. It’s so nice, that my brother talked me into letting him have it to vacuum seal his fish, deer, dove?…basically whatever he brings back from his fishing/hunting trips :| Seems like it’d be put to good use so I couldn’t argue :) Thanks!

  4. Adam Shelton

  5. Joseifa Jahfergee

    Awesome Sealer
    Absolutely one of the best sealers I’ve used and rally nice and compact.

  6. Baileyl03

    Look Great Anxious to Try it
    I purchased this for freezing rather than canning corn this year. Anxious to try it. Unfortunately corn is late this year. Works great for freezing meat bought in bulk. Saves money and time.

  7. J & B

    Works well
    I’ve had a seal a meal for many years, but it stopped working properly. I was hesitant to buy a different brand, but like this very much. The bags I had left seem to work with new machine too.

  8. Abraham Segovia

    Highly reccomended
    Great piece of machinery, super easy to use Vacuum and sealer work perfectly, work great for sous vide steak Disregard all the negative feedback, the seller has clearly improved the quality of this product

  9. T. Kraft

    Great product, weak instruction manual
    Great product overall. It does what it is supposed to do, which is seal bags. Works especially well with meat and moist items. I took off one start because the instructions are confusing and not exactly right. Wish it came with more bags as well.

  10. out of shape now

    If you buy one of these and it just happens to go bad, I have no doubt that the vendor will …
    [edit] VENDOR OFFERED FULL REPLACEMENT OR REFUND. If you buy one of these and it just happens to go bad, I have no doubt that the vendor will take care of you. Vendor should probably get 5 stars. [original review, 1-star] Worked really well for a few months. Now refuses to pull the air out.

  11. Kien N.

    Great customer service
    I bought 2 of this item. I was upset at first because they worked improperly. However, the customer service agent contacted, confirmed the issue, got me the refund and an upgrade vacuum sealer machine: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FM2CQXJ . The upgrade item works perfectly. It seals the bag tight and stops automatically once everything is done. 5 stars for the great customer service and the upgrade version !

  12. mary dulyea

    Very easy to use and very nice for the need
    Very easy to use and very nice for the need. Have not used it long so will update later on the durability and longevity.

  13. gwbuss

    Five Stars
    Love it should have bought one years ago.

  14. C.H.

    Good deal
    Works great, use mine alot and happy with it

  15. James Lint

    The company happily replaced the unit
    Original unit didn’t vacuum properly. The company happily replaced the unit. Great customer service. New unit works well.

  16. Bruce In IRB

    Good Unit; Pathetic Manual
    First, the manual is nearly useless but once you figure it out on your own or go to YouTube it works great.

  17. Angie Bellard

    Five Stars
    Love it! Works great!

  18. Joel Levitt

    Decent product, useful
    Vacuum sealer worked well. I use it to prepare food for my Anova Sous Vide (water bath cooking). The resultant sealed bag was very robust. Be careful about how you put the bag in. Sealer is good.

  19. Zarinah Lowe

    It’s Worth The Money
    I don’t have a dislike!!!! I Can’t Stop Using It….. Satisfied!!!!!

  20. starfury1

    Five Stars
    These work better and are less expensive than the store bought, buy them

  21. VRG

    Five Stars
    work well.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Been very happy with it just have to get the items for sealing the jars now

  23. Amazon Customer

    … years I had a “Seal a Meal” which I loved, but finally died
    For years I had a “Seal a Meal” which I loved, but finally died. This is the closest vacuum sealer I could find that matched the quality. Also smaller for better storage.

  24. Amazon Customer

    The only thing is this device take about 2-4 minutes …
    The only thing is this device take about 2-4 minutes to vacuum, but everything else is very handy to use. It is effortless to vacuum seal my food product well.

  25. bellton

    the food was easy to carry and not easy to break
    Last week the whole family went out to play, using the machine to pack the fruit and some cooked food, the food was easy to carry and not easy to break, very convenient. Give a thumbs up!

  26. Charlie

    Four Stars
    They are bags.

  27. amanda Augustine

    Great buy, seals well
    The first one I bought didn’t work well, but i was sent a replacement free of charge and it works great! I am very happy with my purchase

  28. John Henschen

    I’m very happy with it this far
    I’ve used it a few dozen times at this point. In the past I’ve only ever owed the name brands. This works just as well. I’m very happy with it this far.

  29. Techreviewer

    It seals it pretty strong. Also it heats up fast
    I use this vacuum sealer to seal my package film wraps. It seals it pretty strong. Also it heats up fast. With vacuum feature, it is supposed I can use it to seal food bags too.

  30. RuiYingwang

    Five Stars
    this product is very good!i very like

  31. Amy

    Easy to operate
    The vacuum sealer looks sleek and is easy to operate. It’s wide enough to accommodate large bags. It has three buttons: seal only, dry/moist selection, and vacuum seal. When doing vacuum seal, the machine first vacuums to air from the bag, then it switches automatically to sealing and there is an indicator light when sealing. It’s important to wait until the light goes off before pulling the bag out so bag is completely sealed. It comes with 10 precut bags of two sizes. The bags are thick enough for sou vides cooking.

  32. Bill Rodgers

    Very easy to use
    Never had a vacuum sealer before. Very easy to use. We don’t have to worry about freezer burn!

  33. chloe

    the vacuum sealer is very easy to use
    the vacuum sealer is very easy to use. put food into the vaccum bag, put the open side of the bag into the vacuum sealer machine, then lock up the bag, then presh the vacuum button, the machine will start vaccum then sealer. easy like 1,2,3 done. i slao use it to sealer my jewelry. most my coral necklace and ring have to store in good care. the best way is to keep in bag. it is very good product. highly recommend*_^

  34. PENNY

    works great
    Only used it a few times so far but its fast and does what it advertises. I am happy with my purchase.

  35. Liz

    My freezer is so much more organized.
    Doesn’t always seal, you have to make sure you get the bag in the right spot (I am getting better the more I use it) the instructions are TERRIBLE. They were clearly translated to english so that made things a little tricky but it does work well. I have even gotten some moisture in the sealing area when I am sealing something in a marinade or that is wet and it seems to not damange the machine at all. It works well with the new rolls of bags I bought as well. I use this for freezer storage and for sous vide cooking and works great.

  36. jianmin

    This koios sealer is just fun. I am trying to seal everything I can
    This koios sealer is just fun. I am trying to seal everything I can: meat, fruits, cereal; keeping them fresh and saving space.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars
    Hard To use

  38. Jamie

    This product is so great for us because we usually purchase meat in bulk …
    This product is so great for us because we usually purchase meat in bulk from Costco. Convenient, clean, and keeps meat fresh! I love it.

  39. Pengzhu

    then I really like, thank you for your product
    I think it is a very product, then I really like, thank you for your product!

  40. Connie

    Great product to pack my food
    This is exactly what I was looking for. Great product to pack my food. I would recommend it to my friend who also need vacuum sealer.

  41. KZ1221

    Five Stars
    Great food sealer, works very fast and makes a long lasting vacuum

  42. JY

    Great deal
    I like this product very much. Its quality is very good. It makes my kitchen space look more capacious and comfortable.

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